Spring Reveal 2017 is here...

White Birch

As Winter slowly retreats against the first signs of Spring, BNG Studio is pleased to announce the Spring Reveal 2017 online exhibition. Bryan often took inspiration in the triumph of Spring's new life as it overcomes the last of Winter's fading power. Each piece in this season's online exhibition was hand-picked by the Studio to embody the breath of hope, the color of opportunity, and the spirit of new beginnings.

Spring Reveal 2017 will be available online until June 2017.

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Woodcut Memory Game Disappears!

Due to unprecedented demand for the Woodcut Memory Game, it is sold out almost everywhere! BNG Studio is both pleased and humbled by the game's wild success and would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support.

Those of you that got your hands on a copy, count yourselves very lucky. But those that didn't need not despair: Princeton Architectural Press has announced a second printing will be available in January 2017. Stay tuned on our News feed where we will announce the moment they are back in stock.

Until then, check out all the amazing publications that the Woodcut Memory Game has been recently featured in:

Announcing Winter Reveal 2016

Winter Series #11

BNG Studio is pleased to announce their first ever seasonal online exhibition. Bryan is widely recognized for his iconic woodcuts, but his body of work extends far beyond that. With Winter Reveal 2016, BNG Studio is showcasing original pieces by Bryan that capture the essence of the season. Each piece was chosen by the Studio to invoke a sense of calmness and serenity, of quiet reflection on winter nights before they give way to the new hope of spring. Whether it's strolling through the woods amidst a soft, falling snow, or gazing out a frost-covered window, these rare works by Bryan Nash Gill are sure to take you on a journey through the Winter season.

Winter Reveal 2016 will be available online until March 2017. Bring home a view into Winter today!

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BNG Studio Releases New Reproductions

BNG Studio is excited to announce the release of three new reproductions of Bryan's most iconic woodcuts. There is only one, rare original print of each of these woodcuts in existence. "Pine Plank II" and "Pine Wedge" were popular pieces in Bryan's past exhibits, but "Wasp Wood" was discovered in the studio and has never been seen before.

A limited edition run of 100 certified-archival pigment prints for each woodcut is being produced. After they are sold, they will not be produced again. Don't miss this opportunity to bring home a few of Bryan's most rare and stunning woodcuts!

Pine Plank II
Pine Wedge
Wasp Wood


Announcing the Woodcut Memory Game

Imagine sharing that moment of discovery with a child as they flip their thoughtfully chosen tile to reveal the correct matching Woodcut below. The intense focus on their face gives way to a wide smile of excitement. A matching pair! Found all by themselves, they revel in their accomplishment.

Imagine sharing that moment of discovery with a good friend, over a glass of wine and thoughtful conversation, flipping a tile and momentarily losing yourself in the soul of a tree, forever captured in your chosen tile. You pass it to your friend and tell them to note a particular detail. They smile in response, commenting on how they had never noticed that before.

The new Woodcut Memory Game, by Princeton Architectural Press, is now available for people of all ages to enjoy their own process of discovery. 26 pairs of Bryan's most recognized Woodcuts in a keepsake box, are waiting to be played, shared, and enjoyed.

Order yours today, with FREE shipping!

GQ Portugal

GQ Portugal recently featured Bryan's Woodcut Eastern Red Cedar in their In & Out Decor section.


If you don’t have the opportunity to go out for a rest, you can redecorate your home in order to relax as you deserve. Wood and tones of yellow and green are going to make you travel to paradise.

In and Of the Land, Five Points Gallery

Bryan's work will again be featured at an exhibition at Five Points Gallery entitled "In and Of the Land, Part II". Curated by Ann Finholt, a diverse collection of work by 13 artists will be brought together to underscore an investment in natural surroundings, emphasizing personal vision realized through a dynamic tension between representation and abstraction.

Among Bryan's pieces on display will be woodcuts including Red Acorn, Cedar Branch, Cedar Burl, and more.

The opening reception will be held on Friday January 8th 2016 at 6:00pm and there will be a curator conversation on Friday, January 22nd at 6:00pm. The exhibition will run through February 6th, at 33 Main St in Torrington CT.

Visit fivepointsgallery.org for more information.

Source: http://www.fivepointsgallery.org/

Announcing Woodcut Workwear


BNG Studio is excited to announce the first in our new series entitled Woodcut Workwear! A casual, yet functional line of clothing for the studio, the woods, or wherever the journey of your life, art or work might lead you.

Check out Woodcut Workwear on our Products page. This limited edition first run of Ash will never be made again - get yours before they're gone! Includes Free Shipping!

Five Points Gallery

Bryan's work will be featured at an upcoming exhibition at Five Points Gallery entitled "Print Sale - an eclectic collection of Connecticut Made Prints", curated by Jenni Freidman. Among Bryan's pieces on display will be woodcuts including Sepia and English Oak, as well as several never before seen monotypes.

The opening reception will be held on Friday November 27th 2015 at 6:00pm and the exhibition will run through December 26th, at 33 Main St in Torrington CT.

Visit fivepointsgallery.org for more information.

Source: http://www.fivepointsgallery.org/

20th Retrospective at CCP

Bryan at The Center for Contemporary Printmaking

Bryan at The Center for Contemporary Printmaking

Two of Bryan's most iconic woodcuts will be on display at The Center for Contemporary Printmaking's 20th Retrospective: Highlights From The Past 20 Years. Many of those years were an enormous part of Bryan's life: CCP was his second studio, his second home, and his second family. The techniques he learned, practiced and honed at CCP were critically influential in his process for creating woodcuts.

Bryan was a proud part of the success of CCP's first 20 years and surely would have looked forward in anticipation of the next 20. Please join us in thanking CCP for their contribution to Bryan's art and life by attending CCP's 20th Retrospective and helping celebrate 20 wonderful years!

BryanNashGill.com Relaunch


It is with great joy and excitement that I’m announcing the launch of an all new BryanNashGill.com. I want to say thank you for your support and encouragement. I have made forward steps with the knowledge that you are all behind me, pushing me gently.

As time goes on, we’ll be publishing more of Bryan’s work on the website, so be sure to subscribe to our Studio Blog for announcements and join our email list. I will also be using Bryan’s Facebook and Twitter accounts as a way to let you know about upcoming events, exhibitions and news. I hope that this will keep us all connected. We have some wonderful things planned for Bryan Nash Gill Studio! Bryan may have left the studio, but his presence still warms the space, and his vision endures to guide us. We hope you’ll join us in continuing the journey Bryan started.

Thank you again!


Skyline Design

Skyline Design continues to produce sustainable architectural glass featuring Bryan's woodcuts. Proudly made in Chicago, Bryan's designs are still part of their mission to create beautiful spaces in an environmentally-conscious way. The progressive techniques they use in their Digital Glass Portfolio allow a woodcut to be printed or etched directly on to the glass, resulting in stunning, wall-sized pieces of architectural glass.

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